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If the sub-devices cannot be addressed individually, then I'd argue you should have the root declare a 48 slot footprint, and give each sub-device a footprint of zero. This will offer the most compatibility.

The enhancements Scott talks about are to simplify block-addressing a device when there are multiple sub-devices that can be addressed individually. I don't think that will apply in your case.

You'll also want to support any personality and SLOT_DESCRIPTION parameters on the root, since that is where the controller will expect to find them.

You can still use sub-devices for things like sensors. Although, if you're not going to allow any settings to be changed on a per-sub-device basis, it's probably easier all-around to not use sub-devices and have it act like a single 48 slot fixture.

Even better, allow the DMX address, Personality, etc to be set for each sub-device. This is the most flexible option and gives your users the most control. It will also help the control console understand that it is 16 repeating units rather than one giant device.
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