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This has been a subject that has been given a lot of debate recently. We are in the process of adding a number of new PID's to RDM to expand capabilities for dimmer racks and sub-devices in general. Your question hit on one of the main issues we are dealing with there.

There will be a Public Review document coming soon with these new PID's so you can review and comment on them. In a nutshell, we are adding another PID that allows you to do "block addressing" from the root device for all the sub-devices to make addressing simplier.

There are a number of other workarounds that are currently being used by people even though they fall outside of the current standard. One of these includes implementing DMX_START_ADDRESS at the root level to effectively block address the sub-devices.

Others on here have all had to deal with this issue, so I'll let them comment on their current solutions/workarounds to this issue.

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