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Default DMX Addressing when Footprint is Zero


How would you handle DMX addressing if your product is made up of all sub-devices and the root has a zero footprint? Right now our product is made up of 16 LED pixels (3 channels each, RGB) and each pixel is implemented as a sub-device (so 16 sub-devices of 3 channels each). So the entire product takes up 48 slots. The product is addressed as a singe unit, meaning that all the DMX addresses are sequential starting with the assigned DMX address.

My question specifically is, should the DMX_START_ADDRESS command be implemented at the root level even though the root has no slots? Or should it be implemented at the sub-device level - even though you cannot set a sub-device's address? How will a controller expect to change my DMX address in a configuration like this?

Thanks in advance for any clarification someone can give me!!!

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