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Because of purchase issues and for some other reasons we dismissed purchasing RDM-Repeater from market and decided to make our own RDM Repeater.
I succeeded design isolated 10-48V DC 1to1 RDM-Repeater and have made some sample production, executed "OLA RDM Responder Test" as below setup:

R:RDM Repeater
F:Led Fixture


Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
The timing requirements in the standard (delay, break shortening, etc.) are designed to allow up to 4 cascaded in line devices, but you'd need 5 cascaded repeaters in your topology. You might be able to have 5 if your repeater has timing performance that's much better than what's required in the standard.
my tests pass successfully up to 5 cascaded repeaters , it fails at 6th cascades.
here is the snap shot of signal after 5 cascaded Repeaters in both directions there is approx 8 us delay in both directions:
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every thing seems normal yet.
is there any other tests I shall do ?

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