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I asked someone I know at ETC and this is what they replied with:

To get device feedback such as RDM errors in Congo you have to open the feedback tab found in the Browser->About->Dimmer/Device Feedback Log. If there are active RDM errors for PATCHED devices you will also get a notification in the header of each Congo window and on the patched device itself in Live.

To get more information on an attached RDM devices, first navigate to the Browser->Patching->RDM Device List. With this list open you can then select your desired RDM device and open more advanced properties. This is done by using the arrow keys and Enter or double clicking with a mouse in the "Parameters" or "Sensors" cell for the device you wish to look at. This will open another tab providing the detailed information on that device type. Unlike errors, RDM devices do NOT have to be patched to get this information.
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