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Default RDM Controller timing clarification

I’d like to verify my understanding of the RDM Controller Packet Spacing Times. These are given in Table 3-2 of the RDM spec.

For discovery, a controller sends the command and then waits up to 2.8 ms. If no response, then there are no responders and we move on to the next branch. If there is a response within 2.8 ms, then receive responses until a total of 5.8 ms has passed. So, from the controller's point-of-view, a discovery response always takes either 2.8 ms (no responses) or 5.8 ms (responses).

For normal operation, the controller waits up to 2.8 ms for the response. If no response is received, then wait another 200 us before sending any other packet.

Is this a correct reading of the spec?

Thank you,

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