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Section covers all this.


Manufacturer-specific PID’s shall be created in the range of 0x8000 – 0xFFDF. Uniqueness of PID’s in this range is accomplished by associating the PID with the Manufacturer ID found as the most significant 16-bits of the UID. PID’s in the range of 0xFFE0 – 0xFFFF are reserved for future uses of this standard.

Manufacturer-Specific PID values should be selected by choosing the appropriate category from Table A-3 and adding an offset of 0x8000 to preserve a logical organization.

A manufacturer shall not use the same manufacturer-specific PID value for more than one meaning within any products falling under a given Manufacturer ID.
So long and short of it is that you must assign different PID's for different messages between products. You can't re-use PID #'s for different functions.

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