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from ANSI E1.20-2010 Section 6 Message Structure:
sub-section 6.2.8 Message Count:
"The message count field is used by a responder to indicate that additional data is now available for collection by a controller. This data (which might be unrelated to the current message transaction) should be collected by the controller using the GET:QUEUED_MESSAGE command."

This paragraph certainly makes it sound like the Message Count field is used by QUEUED_MESSAGE, not STATUS_MESSAGES... so I guess I'm still unclear on this..

1) Is it ok to implement STATUS_MESSAGES and not implement QUEUED_MESSAGE?
(you said in your 4th response to me above: "You have to include Queued Messages, whether you include status messages in the count is up to you."
2) If Message Count is not used with my implementation of STATUS_MESSAGES, how does the controller know to ask for device status?.. does the controller just do this occasionally on it's own?

Thanks for you help with this..
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