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Default QUEUED_MESSAGE & Status Types

H All,

Have a few questions on queued messages. If the status type is set to error, warning or advisory, should only those types of messages be returned?

In the case of a proxy, should it forward the request to the end device even if it has a response in cue?

How would the proxy know that the queued message in it's cue is or is not one of those types?

Section 10.3.1 says to use type of GET_LAST_MESSAGE to retrieve the last queued message, but I believe that pertains to the controller already receiving it and wants it again. This same section also gives an example, but it uses the type ERROR, to retrieve a queued DMX address message, hardly an error.

I have seen one controller use GET_LAST_MESSAGE and another use ADVISORY. So far both work, only because my proxy does not check and returns the message in its cue if there is one.


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