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Originally Posted by majid View Post
Yeah indeed I prefer using 1-1 SPLITTER/REPEATER and not to mess with new design, but our requirements is 1 to 1 compact size outdoor 12-48V DC.
and I could not find a suitable one yet.
I believe the one I worked on years ago is still available. I don't like to promote products here so please contact me outside the forum .

Originally Posted by majid View Post
With awareness of disadvantages of daisy chain connection maybe we will prefer it in some projects.
Yes, it's still a good idea to use repeaters. Connecting all 170 of them on a single segment would be a terrible idea. Limiting each segment to about 32 devices is still a good rule of thumb for the reasons that Scott mentioned. But you can go higher under certain conditions (good cable, excellent connectors, etc.).

Originally Posted by majid View Post
There would be up to 170 connections for 1 universe of RGB fixtures not 500
I'm counting individual contacts. 170 devices with 3 wires each (Data+, Data-, and Common) = 510 connections.
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