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Scott's answer may have been over cautious. There are plenty of fixtures with multiple personalities to allow the user to select the best slot allocation for their application and DMX footprint. That said, I suggest exceeding 15-20 is excessive, and may result in some (poorly implemented IMHO) controlllers not allowing access to all your options.

I would restrict the use of Manufacturer specific PIDs where possible - as many of the current controllers so NOT allow access to them in any form. Again, a controller limitation that will reduce in time. Man Spec PIDS are ideal for things like calibration and current settings that the end user is not normally expected to tamper with.

Since you are developing a responder, I would commend the RDMIntegrity package to you - it is a compregensive toolset for verifying RDM responder implementations.

PM me if you would like more information.

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