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If you have the same hardware and basic firmware, but package and market the dimmer as two separate fixed size devices (i.e user cannot buy a 6way and instantly use it as a 12way), I would concur with ericthegeek and encourage the use of different ModelID AND Device Model Descriptions.

Although you could use personality to differentiate, it presumes that the personality is write protected. I would prefer to keep personality for such things as when you have 12 physical dimmers, but can present them as individual (12slot mode) or paired (6slot mode) etc, or a personality that inverts the control logic (slot value 0 is ON, slot value 0xFF is OFF, etc)

Hopefully it is relatively easy for your hardware to declare which build variant it is, or of not, add a Manufacturer Specific command (which need NOT be declared), to allow you to "SELECT" the correct ModelID/Device Model Description text at time of manufacture and test.

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