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As Scott has already mentioned in a separate thread, sub-devices where intended for dimmers, where each sub-device is identical ( or at least very similar, eg. non-dim or 2.5K/5K channels ). Where each sub-device is different, as with the moving light example, I don't think that it makes sense to use sub-devices.

It may be possible to implement both approaches in the product, and use 'Get/Set DMX512 Personality' to choose between them. The spec says "Many RDM parameters may be affected by changing personality.", but that doesn't necessarily mean that a controller will be expecting changes at such a fundamental level.

This could be a way round the optional modules scenario, provided there aren't too many permutations. The correct personality could be set automatically by the device to avoid too much brain strain of the user. Again, it is unclear how a controller would behave in this scenario, but it is definitely within spec so it ought to be able to deal with it.

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