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Thanks for your reply, and apologies for the delay in following it up.

Para 9.2.3 of the spec says "all sub-devices shall report an identical list for SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS". I presume this means that if a fixture has two positions to fit modules (eg Source 4 Revolution) then you could only treat them as sub-devices if either one slot was empty, or if both slots contained the same type of module. If, for example, one slot had a gobo wheel module fitted and the other had an iris module then you would need some other way to distinguish them.

Or does 9.2.3 mean that you can have two different modules fitted, as long as they can both respond to the same requests for information? If one module/sub device can respond to a Get SLOT_INFO request then they both must, even though they would respond with different number of slots and different slot types for those slots?

Is the latter how I should be interpreting the spec therefore?


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