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Default Device Models

This may seem a little obvious, but I wanted to check what people understand by the term "Model" in an RDM context? It's not mentioned in Appendix D (Definitions). I ask because of the requirement in section 10.5.1 for different models to have different Device Model IDs.

While say a Mac 250 spot and a Mac 250 wash are clearly different models, what about fixtures with different hardware options such as the Mac 2000 Wash (which can have either a dimmer wheel or a second colour wheel fitted) or the X-Spot, or fixtures which can take optional modules, such as the Source 4 Revolution? Should different physical variants of a fixture alwayd be treated as different models in RDM, or could, for example, the two variants of the Mac 2000 Wash both return the same Model ID?

Personally, I believe that different hardware means different models, with different model IDs, but do not believe this has been defined in the spec. Have I missed something? How do other people see it? And I guess most importantly, how do fixture manufacturers see it?


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