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Different draft versions handled this in different ways with different maximum numbers of characters until we finally settled on 32.

Some draft versions did max out on some text strings at 16 chars, so this could be a hold over from that which you found in someones implementation.

Strictly speaking if a device supports the message they are supposed to handle up to 32 chars. There will likely be cases such as you have found where they don't fully implement it.

As always, a Controller that is somewhat flexible and can roll with the punches will obviously be a more successful product in the marketplace.

One thing you might try when getting a NACK out of range response is to do a GET: DEVICE_LABEL and see if it stored the portion that it could fit. I could see an implementation where someone couldn't fit it all but stored what they could anyway and then still sent a NACK back since it didn't store it all. Would be interesting to see how exactly it was implemented.
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