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Default Is there a minimum required PID list for sub-devices?

Hello all!

Does the list of minimum required PIDs apply to sub-devices?

Since only the root responds to discovery commands which are part of the minimum required parameters, I believe there is a strong argument for the answer to this question to be NO.

The remaining PIDs in the list are: DEVICE_INFO, SOFTWARE_VERSION_LABEL, IDENTIFY_DEVICE, and SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS (since our sub-device supports another publicly defined PID)

In our color changer we have a personalities that use a channel for fan control. We have implemented this by giving those personalities a fan sub-device.

The DEVICE_INFO and SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS commands are useful for our fan sub-device, SOFTWARE_VERSION_LABEL is benign, but IDENTIFY_DEVICE is not applicable at all.

Any thoughts?

Thanks - Patrick
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