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It's a good question and one we had come up at work. For the SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS message, only the PID's that are not included in the minimum support list shall be transmitted.

The key bit of text for this is located at the very end of Section 10.4.1:

PIDs that are included in the minimum support list, indicated by the “Required” column of Table A-3, shall not be reported.

The one PID that gets a little tricky here is DMX_START_ADDRESS. Since it is only "required" if the device consumes a DMX Slot. It is an edge case for the requirement since it is conditional on the device's function. For that reason I always include DMX_START_ADDRESS in my list of SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS even though one could argue I shouldn't.

The requirement in Section 10.4.1 is clear though when it comes not reporting the other required PID's.
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