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Default RDM Discovery - Effect of Manufacturer IDs


I have been considering the Binary Search process that is used in RDM discovery and have some concern as to the additional overhead that could occur as a result of Manufacturer IDs being close to each other.

Based on my calculations if there were two manufacturers with IDs one higher than the other(i.e. 0x3805, 0x3806) just to get to the manufacturer we would explore 15 branches of the binary tree. If there are multiple fixtures from the manufacturer we would need to explore even further down the tree.

If some measure was taken to ensure Manufacturer IDs where assigned in a more evenly distributed manner it appears that this would significantly reduce the number of branches of the binary tree that need to be explored.

I would be interested in hearing others views on this issue and ways of improving the discovery process in general.

Zac Shenker
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