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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
If should have been written another way to better reflect the intent, and to allow NACK'ing invalid requests, but at this point we're kinda stuck with it as it's written.

Fortunately, it's a non-issue from what I've seen in real-world systems. Many people first discover this issue when they run the OLA Responder Tests...
We're only talking about Mute/UnMute here since it really isn't possible to NACK a BRANCH even if we wanted to.

Since Discovery works on a positive acknowledgement system if the controller doesn't get an ACK back to a Mute/UnMute then it sends it again. That covers the noise/corrupt message issue and is even written into the pseudo-code in the standard to try multiple times before moving on.

If the controller is sending improperly formatted messages it's likely not going to work right with anything as the Mute/UnMute commands coming from the console are identical for all devices.
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