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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
> Footprint on each subdevice is 1

I suspect this is part of your problem. Because you implemented the patching on the root device, then you'll need to declare the root device to have a footprint of 12 (assuming 12 dimmers in your device).

Here's how I'd do it:
-0 personalities
-12 slot footprint

-4 personalities
-0 slot footprint (for all 4 personalities)

IDENTIFY_DEVICE must be supported on the Root device, but It's not mandatory for the Sub-devs.

Hi Eric,

I have it exactly like you mentioned.
The root device does have a footprint of 12.

Also, I did have 0 personalities on root but have now changed to 1 because either the Wybron or Enttech did not function when I had it as 0. I think it greyed out the DMX footprint and/or Base address. I forget now but it appears that I MUST support 1 personality - Weird.

Also, If I do give the subdevices footprint = 0, I am unable to display / edit andy personalities on the Enttech.

I have now changed to have a footprint of 1 for the subdevices. That should (??) be ok and for the DMX_BASE_ADDRESS I do only support Get for the subdevices.


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