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Hello again.

I have implemented subdevices et all and I am testing with Enttech USB pro as well as Wybron gateway 4200 with Infogate 2.11.

Results are devastating so far.

The Enttech does detect everything quite well and the subdevices seem to funtion ok. Footprint on each subdevice is 1 and it shows the correct DMX address for each subdevice.
All my sensors also come up and I can see the values.
My root device seems to identify fine as well

The Infogate detects the device and 12 subdevices.
It however shows the the DMX address for each subdevice as 0 and also the DMX footprint. On the paramter button, it only comes up with "Remove DEvice from list"

The sensors all come up as SEnsor #1 with no units or anything showing and after a little while that box goes blank and locks up.

Identify device, if clicked identifyes for a split secong and then it reverts although the tick box remains ticked.

Sofrtware version does not show for subdevices

No paramters work when pressing the paramter button

I also note that it keeps issuing a Get DMX_PERSONALITY_DESCRIPTION command although this is not supported by the root device and is then NACK with "Unknown PID"

All in all, a disaster and very much unusable.

It appears that the controller(s) expect certain non mandatory PIDs to be supported in a specific way but without more information.
I am not sure how to proceed?

Kind regards
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