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Default How should I best implement a dimmer?


I am struggling here becasue there seem to be many ways to implement things with RDM.

I have a device with channels that can be configured in 4 modes On, Off, DmxDim, DmxSwitch.

I also have endless many settings that can be retrieved and set in the unit.

All this has to run via RDM. I looked at the avalable PIDs etc. and although there are things for Lamp striking etc I see no directly suitable ones for what I am doing.

Unless the slot description is to be used somehow for all this?

I could simply make custom PIDs but if there is a more "standard" way to do all this, I would rather use that.
It swould be really great if this could all work with "any" controller with standard implementations.

Is there an application note perhaps on how controllers handle devices and what PIDs they prefer for this type of stuff?

Kind regards
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