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I'm struggling a wee bit to modify my RDM parser to support ENDPOINT_LIST and ENDPOINT_RESPONDERS from E1.37-7 as these two PIDs are the only ones in all of the published RDM standards which have different payloads depending on whether they are the first in a series of ACK_OVERFLOW or not.

Could someone please double check for me that I've read this right. There is no reliable way to parse these replies on their own, you need to know the whole ACK/ACK_OVERFLOW process. This will be a nightmare for whoever ends up writing the packet dissector won't it? Especially in an E1.20 environment.

Also the minimum PDL value is a bit confusing for ENDPOINT_LIST as the standard says it 0x07 but that's only true for first in a series. For all others it's only 0x03.

Has anyone else had issues with this? Any tips would be appreciated.



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