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Originally Posted by majid View Post
only two further fails remains:
"SetBroadcastDeviceLabel" and "SetVendorcastDeviceLabel"
related to EEPROM
when I temporarily use RAM instead of EEPROM to save Device Label, OLA test result: Failed=0, Not Run=59, Passed=348
This is a common problem.

When a responder receives a unicast request it can take up to 2ms to respond. So, if the responder software takes a while to parse the request and respond, the controller will wait.

But after a broadcast or vendorcast request, the next request from the controller can arrive in an little as 176us. This means that your responder needs to be ready for a new request much sooner than with a unicast request.

You don't have to be finished handling the prior request, you just need to be ready to accept a new one. Often this means double buffering your receiver and doing some processing of the broadcast/vendorcast request in the background.
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