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Default Refresh rate from DMX controller

Hello there,

I have bought an Arduino board and a DMX shield to get the DMX functionalities to the Arduino. I have tried to connect the DMX shield to a LED driver that runs DMX but it seems like the LED driver doesn't get any DMX signal at all. Then I tried to connect the DMX shield to a Lightcorder (a device that can read the DMX signal). The lightcorder reads the DMX signal without any problem at all which tells me that the problem is between the shield and the LED driver.

I have also tried to measure a DMX signal (The LED driver can see this signal) send from another DMX controller to the LED driver and the only difference between the two signals that I know of is the refresh rate. The DMX shield is transmitting with a refresh rate of 19-20 Hz and the other equipment is transmitting with 40-41 Hz. Can this be the problem? Is it possible that the LED driver is made in a way that it can't receive DMX with a refresh rate that is 20 Hz?

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