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We're still alive and kicking here! First off, you can implement a GET_COMMAND only without allowing a SET_COMMAND for a given PID. You'll notice Table A-3 states "Get Allowed / Set Allowed", not required.

Given you're trying to overcome the limitations of someone else's implementation I would probably go that route rather than changing the Device Model Description, as what you suggested there would go against the requirements in the standard that for a given Device Model ID that the Device Model Description is always identical. The intent with that is that we explicitly didn't want to have controllers pulling redundant messages from every device on the network when they are all the same.

I would also suggest getting in contact with the folks at ETC on what would help make their implementation more usable. I'm not certain how they are dealing with the same issue themselves as it would seem they would have the same challenges with representing their own products.
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