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Thanks, ericthegeek, u rescue me from long hours cursing!

Today's question is ( the beer is from me ) :
For now i can't support E120_QUEUED_MESSAGE (not listed in E120_SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS respond), but i will add support later, for now the controller is sending to me requests which are with PD 0x02 (E120_STATUS_ADVISORY !? why this ?! ) at ~1 sec. I'm not sure, but i think this is like "Are u here?". Is this correct? For now i'm answering with NACK - but the controller continue to send me this requests... is this problem or i must respond with STATUS_MESSAGES with a PDL of 0x00?

I thing support of queued messages is absolutely mandatory for proxy device, but for now i can't add it (for some other reason). When i must respond the list of devices and the list is too long for single message - can i use for now E120_RESPONSE_TYPE_ACK_OVERFLOW ? i think this is very close to E120_QUEUED_MESSAGE support about this data stream.
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