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People, thank you for your support! You are the last hope of any RDM developer :D

Lets go ahead: Now i'm discovered by the controller, so i have stable communication.
But there are some mistakes for me about the data exchange:

1) i have 3 custom PIDs, N1 and N2 are support only SET (E120_CC_SET), N3 support only GET (E120_CC_GET). The controller continue to request information from me about this PIDs and i'm sending the description any time. And the strange is - the controller sometime try to GET PIDs N1 and N2. But i haven't support for them and i'm not answering. Is this correct? Because sometime the controller says "Device Dropped (..some info..) ". I'm looking the transfer of data with sniffer and the only requests i'm not answering are this GETs and DMX_START_ADDRESS (now i answer and to this request). And this is the second question:

2) DMX_START_ADDRESS in E120_DEVICE_INFO/E120_DMX_START_ADDRESS requests is set to 0xFFFF), if i correctly understand the documentation. I'm not supporting any DMX data for my needs, i will only send this data to devices connected to me. Is this 0xFFFF correct answer? I'm not sure how to understand DMX512 Footprint (of 0) - what this field mean?

3) ok i'll be proxy device, i identify my self with E120_PROXIED_DEVICES and E120_PROXIED_DEVICE_COUNT supported PIDs (for now fake, 0 devices reported every time). i also set the Bit 0 Managed Proxy Flag (bit 0) in Control Field of mute/un-mute requests. Is this enough for the controller to understand what i'm? Because E120_PROXIED_DEVICES and E120_PROXIED_DEVICE_COUNT are never reached in my code - no request about them

I have and other questions, but later ... !

Edit: E120_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_DATA i reported for E120_DEVICE_INFO request, is this correct for proxy device? I know - i want too many information from you, but i need it realy. Thanks again!

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