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Thanks! In some cases my device act like proxy, so i must be able to listen without-break frame, but i think it is clear how to do this. In fact it was my mistake about receiving break - you are right, it will be found like in chain with the request from the controller if some one listen the line.
The second question is - what can be the delay between controller request and my respond for DISC_UNIQUE_BRANCH message? This is important for me because my mcu have realy many tasks and some time it is possible to have big delay betweeb reqyest and mt answer. In the other case: if i'm discovering responders connected to my ports - how many time i must wait for answer (it must be the same time)?
And something strange for me - when the controller discover me and everything is fine whit out connection (he know me). Ok, after this the controller can require from me a list of connected devices - so the procedure of discovering of connected device must be done by me after i'm initialized by the controller OR i must do this procedure and discover the connected devices after i'm powered on? Or i must periodicaly discover the connected devices and renew the list and indicate this to controller by QUEUED_MESSAGE? The last one is hard for me and i'm not sure how often i must do this check for new/disconnected devices?
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