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Default JESE DMX-TRI RDM USB Controller

Hello to all.

We manufacture generic RDM Control solutions for interrogating and configuring RDM compliant equipment.

The RDM-TRI and JESE GetSet, a Windows application, provide a universal control solution for managing RDM fixtures.
The RDM-TRI is protocol aware and has on-board discovery for the fastest possible discovery time.
A major feature of the interface is it's protocol management and exception handling, greatly reducing the demand on the host PC resources.

The DMX-TRI is similar to the RDM-TRI and targeted at DMX512 only implementations. The DMX-TRI may be upgraded at a later stage for use with JESE GetSet making it a future proof DMX solution.

JESE Probo is a free Windows application provided with the DMX-TRI to generate and monitor DMX512 levels as well as configure the interface.

For application developers, the PC interface specifications for all products are published and available from our download page.

Hamish Dumbreck

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