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Thanks for comments Hamish and Eric

Originally Posted by hamish View Post
Splitters may also be cascaded, as could your single port splitter or repeater.
Be aware, that the load on the bus (whic is related to the 32 devices) is not the only factor to consider. With each cascaded device, more bit distortion will be introduced, excepting in the case that the downstream signal is regenerated...
Yeah indeed I prefer using 1-1 SPLITTER/REPEATER and not to mess with new design, but our requirements is 1 to 1 compact size outdoor 12-48V DC.
and I could not find a suitable one yet. I considered SWISSON ISP-4R-DC isolated SPLITTER it is compact for 1-4 use and 10-48V but it is wasting unused port in cascade connection.

Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
But here's the most important point: There is *no* 32 device limit in RS485. That limit doesn't exist. There's a 32 "unit load" limit, but 1/4, 1/8, even 1/16 unit-load drivers are readily available. With 1/8th unit-load drivers you can hypothetically have 256 devices on one segment.
Well this sweeps away the problem. I am happy to hear this!
I should say 32 limit mentioned in 2.4.1 Line Bias Networks and F.1 Qualification Tests for Command port Transmitter Circuits and F.5 Testing Responder Transmitters oriented me not to cross line of 32 limit in projects and our projects calculations are based on 32 units using 1-4 branch SPLITTER yet.

Our fixture driver IC specs says 1/10 unit load up to 320 devices! I just checked. However it is still ambiguous to me because I am not sure if the controller also is designed with 1/8 or 1/10 unit load driver or not, customers may use any standard controller or in-line devices with 32 unit loads.

Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
Make sure you think about fault containment in you design. Wiring them all in an end-to-end daisy chain may make it easier for the installer, but you'll have at least 500 connections along the path. Any single connection going bad can take down a large portion of the chain. Using a single 1:N splitter at the start may give you a more reliable system, and when there is a wiring fault it will only take out a smaller portion of the system.
With awareness of disadvantages of daisy chain connection maybe we will prefer it in some projects. There would be up to 170 connections for 1 universe of RGB fixtures not 500

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