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Actually re-reading your post, I'd perhaps suggest there are three states, and maybe that's where our disagreement comes from:

Failed this time, may work later, worth retrying
E.g. Proxy Reject, Buffer Full
I'd probably put hardware error in here too, but perhaps retry fewer times than some of the other errors

Won't work without changes to the packet or potentially external changes
E.g. write protected, data out of range

Terminal (other, better names are available I'm sure):
Will never work without changes to the packet
E.g. format error
Personally I would put unknown PID/unsupported command class in this section, I believe you feel it should go in the one above?

E.g. setting the DMX address to 510 will fail (or at least should) while the fixture is in 10 channel mode, but if we switch it into 1 channel mode, the exact same packet will then succeed. Likewise for a locked/unlocked device, or a slot label request to slot 10 between the two different personalities.

However a set DMX address with a PDL of zero will fail terminally with a format error; it can never work regardless of what we do to the fixture. I think unknown PID/unsupported command class should be in the same category, otherwise I have to keep retrying a set DMX address to see if the fixture has now decided to allow me to do so.
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