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Originally Posted by star210 View Post

Its an old post but its the same topic

We have been trying to develop an Arduino based lighting/motions controller that uses RDM. Current setup is OLA > ENTTEC USBPro > RDM DMX shield > Arduino Uno. We are currently using DMXSerial2 by Matthias Hertel and the RDMSerialRecv.ino sketch from the examples.

We have the correct outputs working and can change address using RDM.
We would like to add 2 sensors and be able to output the sensor values into OLA if possible:
0 - Temperature sensor (analog) - Temperature (0x00)
1 - Fan speed (PWM pc fan) - 8 bit counter

We have had some success with the "init" class as we have had RDM recognise that we want 2 sensors.

Would anyone be able to advise on how to read analog or digital inputs into RDM ?

Just to be clear is your question on how to represent sensors in RDM or how to read in the sensor input in the Arudino Hardware?
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