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Joe, welcome to the RDM forums! I've not had much specific experience with the Swisson RDM test units myself, but someone else on the forums here may have and can comment.

It sounds like you have a good understanding of how it should work. The controller sends the SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS request and if they are manufacturer-specific messages that they want to make public then they include those in the SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS list. The PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION message can then be used to get BASIC information about that PID. Make sure that the PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION PID is also listed in SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS for that product. It is possible that they have custom PIDs implemented but did not implement the Parameter Description PID.

The Parameter Description PID is pretty limited in capability so it really only works best with simple single field PIDs right now. Anything very complex in nature just can't be described with it. We are working on a new suite of messages that will allow for manufacturer-specific PIDs of most any complexity to be described in the future.

Originally Posted by jdupre View Post
I have a Swisson XMT-350 RDM controller / DMX tester. I'm trying to look at manufacture-specific parameters from a responder, but I do not see how to query the responder to get them. (When looking at the communication between the two, I can see the controller sends the get SUPPORTED_PARAMETERS request, and the responder replies, but the controller never sends any PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION requests.)

Does anyone know if the XMT-350 supports get and set of manufacturer specific parameters?

Can someone suggest a tester that does support manufacturer specific parameters?

- Joe
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