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Hey John!

We don't get very many users on here as it is 95% developers. However I can point you to a few resources.

Steve Vanciel (SVanciel) at WDW made a big effort to get everything upgraded to RDM on one of his shows at WDW a few years back, long before it was as practical to do as it is now. I'd certainly reach out to him by sending him a PM through the forums here:

Todd Drga at the Long PAC in Austin I know was also using RDM a fair amount I believe with his rig too. I don't have his contact info, but I'm sure Eric Johnson on here does.

Also, I'd check with a few of the manufacturers as can point you to some of the users they know that are doing a lot with it. First on the list would be Wayne Howell. They've been making extensive use of RDM in pretty much all of their installations and I'm sure they have some users they can point you to.

The Grand Mosque project done by ETC and Martin is probably one of the largest scale installations out there if you want to get some variety from small shows to huge projects. Dennis Varian at ETC should be able to put you in contact with people for that.

Let me know if there is any info I can help with for updating the book. I'd certainly also be happy to be a technical reviewer for it if you'd like.

Scott M. Blair
RDM Protocol Forums Admin
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