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Now you're gonna make me define terms?

Honestly, I still look back at the implementation of ETC Link with the AF Sensor racks in Obesssion 1 as a good example especially considering that goes back 15 years now. The feedback was fairly well integrated in throughout the console, not just in a dedicated configuration screen.

Admittedly I haven't spent much time in front of any of the new ETC desks to see how things have evolved since then.

A full controller implementation is by its nature the most complicated to implement. You have to not only pretty much support all the PID's, but you also have to support Sub-Devices and Proxies and manage all the information for the devices.

A good implementation in a console, as I see it, is one that not only is capable of discovering all the devices and simplifying configuration with things like Auto-Patch but also informs the user of the things they need to know such as a homing error of a moving light, the fog machine out of fluid, lamp out, etc..

One of the challenging things I see in that is managing the information that is presented to the user to give them the information they need but without flooding them with information they don't need or don't want. A lot of that I think is also going to be in the configurability of the desk in how and what alerts it presents.

Are these some good hand-waving generalities?

Seriously, let me know if you have more questions along this line. I think it makes for an interesting discussion.
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