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My interpretation is as follows : To be consistent with Table 10-1, if you set the threshold to Warning, you get Warning and Error, if you set to Error you get only error.

Unfortunately this is inconsistent with the text of 10.3.5 that states

"This feature is used to inhibit reports from, for example, a specific dimmer in a rack that is generating repeated errors"

as the only recourse to stopping errors would be to set the verbosity to STATUS_NONE, in which case you would also loose the warning and advisory messages

It is unfortunate that the text in 10.3.5 refers only to Table A-4, and not Table 10.1

"This parameter is used to set the verbosity of Sub-Device reporting using the Status Type codes as enumerated in Table A-4 "

I would not expect to see STATUS_ADVISORY_CLEARED as a valid argument to the
SUB_DEVICE_STATUS_REPORT_THRESHOLD PID, but yet the current document would appear to allow this.

Peter Willis
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