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I don't think I explained my point well enough. My question to do with a problem caused by collisions from discovery branch commands forming valid packets. Let me elaborate:

In the situation described the responders A & B respond to a discovery branch message and collide. The collision causes that response to appear to be a valid response from responder C. The controller then sends a discover mute to responder C thinking it got a valid response from C. The controller then continues the discovery process, gets another collision between A & B which erroneously appears to be a valid response from responder C and the whole cycle repeats forever.

Short of the controller knowing that this can happen and ignoring responses from responders that should have already been been muted the system will be in a loop with no way out. It will appear as if responder C is continually un-muting itself. I believe a better way to solve this problem would be if a muted device does not respond to a discovery mute command as there are valid ways for a device to become unmuted during the discovery process.

John Sondericker
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