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Originally Posted by peternewman View Post
I'll just echo what others have said majid, and also point out IDENTIFY_MODE in E1.37-1 which would be a better way to control whether the DMX signal is ignored (in loud mode) or not.
Thanks for comments Peter.

Originally Posted by sblair View Post
Majid, it really all depends on your market and customer requirements as well as type of product.

DMX signal loss behavior is different in almost every product...
I think even with IDENTIFY_DEVICE=0 , DMX signal timeout behaviour of LED fixtures maybe confusing.
I imagine during an RDM setup session, controller sets only one of responders IDENTIFY_DEVICE=1 and clears other responders.
after desired timeout , the one with IDENTIFY_DEVICE=1 remains in identify mode and all other fixtures with IDENTIFY_DEVICE=0 start glowing demo/default mode and bother user sight.

to avoid this situation, maybe the responder somehow ought to detect the RDM setup is runnig and never start demo/default mode even with IDENTIFY_DEVICE=0
for example after receiving DISC_MUTE command, the responder would cancel demo mode until next restart. etc.
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