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Originally Posted by ericthegeek View Post
The "GET QUEUED_MESSAGES" request is sent to the root device, but the response can come from any sub-device.

For example, if the user changes the DMX Address of two sub-devices, then the responder would set it's message count to 2. When the controller sends a GET QUEUED_MESSAGES to the root, it would send the new DMX address for the first sub-device. The next GET QUEUED_MESSAGES would return the new DMX address for the second sub-dev.

Ok, understood. Simple.

But where in the response does the responder set which subdevice is actualluy responding? Is it just byte 3/4 ?

In other words does the controller Send GET_QUEUED_MESSAGE with Subdevice = 0x0000 and the responder then responds to that with DMX_START_ADDRESS and subdevice - 0x000x ??

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