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It still isn't completely clear.

Does each letter have it's own DMX/RDM input integrated or do you have a dimmer/relay that is DMX/Controlled that each letter plugs into?

In the example of a dimmer rack, when you discover it you are discovering the dimmer itself, not the fixture that is plugged into the dimmer.

What is the relationship between the LED letters and the DMX/RDM Receiver?

When you discover a device in RDM, you are discovering it's Unique ID number which is a 48-bit number that has 32-bits of your own serial number. You also have Product ID and other identifier fields that you could use to encode the information of which letter is which. If however, there is not a constant 1-1 relationship between them then you don't know which letter is connected to which DMX/RDM Receiver without someone visually identifying and assigning using the IDENTIFY message.
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