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Originally Posted by sblair View Post

Yes it is very possible to implement Auto-Addressing for DMX devices using RDM.

The first requirement is that the device actually supports RDM so that it can be discovered and have the address set for it.

In a nutshell it would work like this:

1. Discover the devices.
2. Send a GET_COMMAND : DEVICE_INFO. In the response for that message it will tell you how many DMX channels that device needs.
3. Send a SET_COMMAND : DMX_START_ADDRESS to set the DMX Starting Address value.
4. Since you know how many channels that device uses, you now know the next available Starting Address for the next device.

Scott :

How should I define which device located at the first position ?!
Using RDM discover process, I can find how many devices be connected, and how many channels that device uses...
For example, the video as shown below, I used 11 DMX512 LED devices and uses 4 channels for every device.
If after I arrange the alphabetical order, do you think that is possible for
keeping the NEON program when I re-initialize the all of DMX device starting address using the discover the all device again ?!

sorry for my broken english !

I hoped that you can understand my question key point !

Thank you !

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