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Default In-line device Port Turnaround during Discovery

In I have forgotten why there is a special case for requiring that the in-line device NOT return to forward data flow before 5.6ms for messages of command class DISCOVERY_COMMAND.

Can anyone enlighten me ?

I can see that once any start of response from a responder is detected, the in-line device must return to forward data flow no later than 5.8ms, but if there is NO response commencing within 2ms (Table 3-4 Line2) plus an allowance for data delay (4.2.2), cannot an in-line device legimately return to forward data flow, as indeed it must for messages that are NOT of command class DISCOVERY_COMMAND.

Why the special case?

For "normal" operation I assume the return to forward data flow must be within 3ms, in order to allow operation with controllers in accordance with Table 3-2 line 5.
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