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Can you post more details about what you're experiencing? After you've experienced the "Not Responding", press the "RED" key, and choose the "Send Info to USB" option from the menu. This will dump the packet history, timing details, and give a lot more info on what's happening.

Typically, if you're experiencing timeouts when using the "Select Current Device" option, it's because the responder is taking too long to handle broadcast responses. Normally, when the responder receives a request, it can take up to 2ms to process the request, and then respond when it's ready. But with broadcast requests, the controller can start sending the next break as soon as 176us following the end of the broadcast. If the responder is still busy processing the broadcast, it will miss the next packet.

You can test if this is the case by inserting extra time between packets. Go to "Transmit DMX" and edit user flavor A (or B or C) to have the following parameters:

200us Break
25us MAB
512 Slots
20us inter-slot time
and a long Mark Before Break (try 5000us)

Then in the "RDM Flavors" menu select "User A" and try again. Does it start working? Remember to switch back to normal flavor when you're done.

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