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Hey Mike,

I've never actually seen or heard of MIREK before. Typically I just see CTO and CTB correction slots being used. There is a defined
SD_COLOR_CORRECTION slot descriptor. If you needed a different one that is more specific it can easily be added as the Slot Definitions are extensible via the ESTA website to make it easier to add additional slot definitions.

The only temperature unit defined is in Degrees Centigrade. I appreciate that Kelvin makes a LOT more sense when discussing Color Temperature. This has been a topic that has been coming up a lot lately in regards to Sensor units. I'll put Kelvin in the list of ones we should add in the next revision, but it will probably be a while until we get to that point though as the last revision is still in the final stages of getting published.

You can also use a UNITS_NONE and then put "Kelvin" in the sensor name description though and then generally conveys it correctly to the user.

Scott M. Blair
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