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Default Tuneable White: Mapping?


I would like to implement a dimmer for white light where the color temperature of the white light is changeable within some range (e.g. from 2700K to 6500K).

I think of the following slot assignment:
Slot 1: Intensity 8 bit
Slot 2/3: 16-bit Color Temperature or 16-bit MIREK

There are two principle ways I see:
i) Map to Mirek such as done within the DALI protocol: Mirek=10^6/TC.
1=15.26K 2^16-1=10^6K
ii) Map the 16-bit directly to some temperature range.
0=0K 2^16-1=65535K

Is there already a common way how to map tuneable white?
Is there already a predefined Slot Type (Table C-1) and Slot ID Definitions (Table C-2) for such a dimmer?

I also could not find the unit "Kelvin" within the Sensor Unit Defines, which I require if there is a sensor which measures the current color temperature.

Thanks for your comments,
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