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This is realy strange! I do exactly as u say - i have receiver and the receiver treat the delay over 2.1 ms as error in interslot delay. Now i explore the packet "on the fly" and the receiver act correctly. I can answer soon after the request is received - in fact near 1.3 ms after the last byte. And I have a DMX-RDM usb sniffer too (enttec) so i can look what happen on the line. And what to see - if i answer in less than 2 ms after the request is received - there is flag "timing error" on my answers! Wow ?! But the controller accept my answers as normal. I try to delay my answers - more than 2 ms, more than 3 ms and there is no error - sniffer say "ok", the controller work too! Is the sniffer full with bugs or there is something other?! You are right - in the specification is clear described - the answer must be in time between 176us and 2 ms, but in fact my sniffer is founding this like error... i'm confused and surprised! May be i must return to enttec this sniffer for 600E ?! Deam...
If i can i will attach the screenshots from the sniffer later, now i can't transfer files between the computers.

Edit: Or in fact the problem is in my head - may be the times in the sniffer packet list are between the start of request and the respond, so may be i'm under 176 us with my respond... i will do some measurement with mcu timers.

Edit2: mmm, yes, the problem is in my head, everything is fine! Thanks, ericthegeek && sblair, now i can go ahead!

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