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Thank you, sblair, your answers are realy important for me. 2.8 ms is realy hard, i must implement this subroutine as "very high priority task" in some manner - may be immediately after the message is received in the interrupt subroutine. I'll implement QUEUED_MESSAGE when i want to inform the controller about new devices connected to some one of my ports.
But the question is when i must make search procedure about new devices connected to me - after i'm initialized or after power up and how often must i do this search and update the list of devices - 1 min, 10 min or rear?
Now i can't understand the idea of PortId in Controller Generated Messaged - ok, the controller can send to me this and i can recognize it, but when i answer with respond i can't return the port number - so if i haven't claims about the port originated this message can i just leave without attention this field?
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