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The spacing of packets is detailed in Section 3.1.2 and Section 3.2.2 in the standard. The time from the controller sending the DISC_UNIQUE_BRANCH message to a response is between 176us and 2ms. A responder can not respond sooner than 176us and no latter than 2ms. A controller must listen for responses for up to 2.8ms to allow for system delay through splitters and inline devices (See line 1 of Table 3-2).

As far as when to discover the devices connected to you it is pretty much up to you when you initiate that. There are others here that have implemented proxy devices that may have some suggestions from their own experience. QUEUED_MESSAGE is really a cornerstone of system functionality so I would strongly encourage you to support them. Queued Messages are a good way to alert the controller more devices have been discovered.
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